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We See Clearly to Extract the Key Elements of Your Business

We work to sort through the business clutter & extract the key elements of your business. We help you see the essence of your business and its relation to your customers’ needs.


We ask...

  • What are your customers’ true needs – not only what they say they need, what do they truly need?
  • What needs are your products/services currently fulfilling?
  • Who else is meeting your customers’ needs? i.e. competitors & substitutes
  • Why are non-customers not using your product/service?
  • Look inward – which of your capabilities, products & services are truly unique?
  • Which of your capabilities are truly valued by your customers?
  • Look at the overall value chain of delivery to your customer.
  • What are customers doing before and after purchasing your product/service? Can you extend your solution along the value chain to meet a great customer need?
  • What emotions does your product or service evoke?
We plan creatively to inject innovation into your business

Toro employs a strategic innovation process to help you look beyond the established, to set plans based on the future. We facilitate you to develop in-depth strategic marketing plans including goals, strategies and most importantly ‘action items’ that map out the steps to get there

"All men can see the tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved."      –Sun Tzu

We act boldly to ensure impact during the execution of your strategy.

Even the most innovative business plan is just a stack of paper if it isn’t coupled with a clear plan for action. Toro ensures the plans we develop together clearly outline what is to be done, by when, by whom and for what cost. We go one giant step further to not only develop innovative strategies, but to roll-up our sleeves and help implement them.

"Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure."      –Albert Einstein